Mobile Spy Cell Phone Tracker

mobile spyThe Mobile Spy cell phone tracker is an app that is installed on a smartphone and silently sends data to another interested party. That interested party is in most cases a parent, employer, or spouse and all who have a stake in knowing what is going on with the person they are monitoring.

The Mobile Spy app helps tackle problems related to the misuse of cell phones and mischief or misdeeds on the part of the monitored user. Read further and find out more.

Uses of the Mobile Spy Cell Phone Tracker

As mentioned in the opening, the main users of the Mobile Spy cell phone tracker are parents, employers, and spouses. Parents want to know the activities of their children, spouses want to know that their partners are remaining faithful, and employers want to make sure that company-issued cell phones are used per company rules.

How It Works

The technology of the Mobile Spy cell phone tracking software is based upon a simple data flow of taking data on the smartphone and making a copy of it in your secure control panel data store. The cell phone logs information such as calls, text messages, photos, videos, and the other data entities listed above as normal. Then, the Mobile Spy app running silently on the smart phone takes that information and sends it across the internet for storing on the Mobile Spy server.

When you are ready, you log in to your control panel from any web browser with your own login and password and begin analyzing what is sent

Features of the Mobile Spy Cell Phone Tracker

mobile spy gpsNot all of the features are listed here, but you can rest assured that there is a long list of them. Here are some of the main ones and how they help:

  • All calls are logged including both incoming and outgoing
  • The full text along with contact/timestamp information of every SMS message is captured
  • Every website visited on the smartphone’s web browser is logged
  • History is collected about every place the monitored cell phone has been
  • Each picture and video taken on the monitored device is captured
  • It captures message text from other apps such as email, Gmail, WhatsApp, iMessages, BlackBerry PIN, AOL, Gtalk, Yahoo, Windows Live, Facebook, Twitter, and WhatsApp
  • All Youtube videos watched are collected for analysis in their own grouping
  • Every app on the monitored smartphone is inventoried and can be blocked by you if deemed necessary

Mobile Spy also provides an optional add-on to its base product called the LIVE Control Panel. This add-on gives the base cell phone tracker real-time monitoring capability. With real-time capability, you will be able to get up-to-the minute coordinates of the monitored phone’s GPS location, take a snapshot from it or listen in to its surroundings, and even see its screen—all through commands that you send through the LIVE control panel interface.

How Mobile Spy’s Features Help You

The Mobile Spy cell phone tracker helps you in many ways. Here are a few of them:

1. Call logging tells you with whom your children or employees are speaking. From your control panel you can see the incoming and outgoing calls made. This becomes especially important when you don’t want your children spending time with friends who are a bad influence on them.

2. The message collection features of the Mobile Spy app enhance the call logging capabilities. With these features, you can not only see with whom your child or employee is communicating, but what they are saying because the full text is sent to your control panel. Thus, you can detect if your teenager is involved in drug activity or your employee is spreading malicious innuendo about the company and management.

3. Mobile Spy is useful for identifying common time wasters. A cell phone with internet access can be inviting to anyone as a tool for diversion. Your employee could become less productive because of excessive internet browsing on his smartphone and your child’s grades could suffer in school from excessive game playing or chatting through his favorite apps. With Mobile Spy, you can pick the apps that you want to block so that they no longer waste the user’s time.

4. Mobile Spy GPS location tracking feature answers the “where” questions. Are you not sure why it takes your sales rep so long to meet with a client? Do you suspect that your teenager is at her boyfriend’s house—the one that is certain trouble? Here’s where the location tracking along with the call logging and message collection features give you the total picture as to the whereabouts of your teenager or employee.

There are many more helpful ways that the Mobile Spy cell phone tracker gives you the complete story as to the activities of your child, employee, and even your spouse. Wait no longer to learn the truth and order your subscription to Mobile Spy right away.