Employee Location Tracking Software

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Businesses often issue cell phones to employees to use for work purposes. However, when employees are not as productive as they should be, issuing a company phone becomes an issue. Perhaps, they work off campus, and there are questions as to if the employee is where they need to be.

Smartphones are just a part of life, and they certainly make it easier to stay in contact when conducting business. However, a cell phone should never get in the way of an employee’s production. When questions begin to rise, employers do have options to get the answers they need. Cell phone tracking software can be installed on the device, which will track all the users cell phone activity, including location.

Knowing that a worker is where they need to be is a safety precaution that employers need to take. Since they are on company time, they need to be conducting business. When they are engaging in non-work activities, this will cause your business to decrease in revenue. In return, this could cause you to lose clients, because workers are not showing up to the job they were contracted to do. Plus, if a worker gets hurt during company time, they could take advantage of worker comp benefits. Even if they were engaged in activity that did not pertain to work.

Employee location tracking software is an invaluable tool for employers to have. Especially if employees work off campus. You will be able to log into the online control panel and see where the employee is throughout the day.

How It Works

Thousands of dollars can be lost when employees abuse company time. The software can be installed on the device before it is issued to the worker. The software will run in stealth mode, so the employee will be unaware that they are being monitored. All activity will be recorded and uploaded to an online control panel that only the employer has access to. Here, the employer will be able to sort through the logs, and find the information they need.

GPS location will be logged, so you can see where the employee has been throughout the day. You can also dial in and see their GPS location in real time. You can log into the control panel from any internet ready device.


Here are some of the benefits that GPS tracking has to offer employers.

  • Location – Receive a history log of the employee’s location. Logs will contain a date and time, which will help you determine if they were where they needed to be during company hours.
  • Geo-Fencing – With this feature, employers are able to set boundaries that the employee is allowed to be in during company time. When the employee goes outside of these boundaries, the employer will be alerted. For those employee’s who have issues staying on task, this can be a great asset. Employers will be able to address them right away.
  • SMS Commands – Send a command through an SMS text message, and receive a text with the employees exact location. The command is silent, so the employee will never know you are checking in on them.